Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.

"ReStart App Concept"

A work-in-progress mobile application concept for buying, selling, and trading used art supplies around the NYC community. ReStart is an idea in the early stages of development. All wireframes and objectives/logos are my property and can be seen below.

The Problem:

Being in a startup environment with progressive thinkers and having a background in the art world sparked this idea. As a classically and digitally trained artist, I know first-hand how expensive and daunting the first week of classes are - especially when it came to spending hundreds of dollars on supplies for each of my studio requirements. I've also observed my professors doing all they could to make these kits more affordable, even if it meant taking supplies that previous students left behind to make a gently used kit that was less of a hit on our wallets. Thus, ReStart was born.

The Solution:

Part of my thinking for this application incorporates two main ideas: making art supplies affordable and functional, and also making the art community in NYC stronger through communication . I want to create an app that gives artists the ability to collaborate and communicate easily, while helping each other out and building a trustworthy platform to do it all. Like the eBay of art supplies, but better.
Currently, I am in the stages of building out wireframes from paper to interface with a working logo and tagline, which is "Draw From the Community." Once I have high-fidelity mockups that I am satisfied with, I plan to try and build out an application that can work to revolutionize the NYC art scene as we know it.

Results Aspirations:

While the results are still in wireframing stage, I hope to have this application as the cornerstone of making art affordable for anyone in the NYC community. Once this is built, my goal would be to partner with major art brands like Blick, or Wholesale Art that could give price-matching specials based on items listed for sale on my application. This can give artists the chance to buy new supplies at a reduced rate, therefore driving traffic through our app and to their company as well.

See below for my latest wireframes, logos, and concepts. This page will be a work in progress as more materials are produced.

Current Working Logo & Tagline:

Wireframe Screenshots:

Digital Wireframes:

Logo Sketches: