Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.

"Mind My Business website Re-Design"

Deliverables done for the startup Vizalytics to re-design their site to promote their app Mind My Business.
Mockups, Wireframes, and Final Site were done in conjunction with one other designer. All graphics were produced by me in order to provide information for the app screenshots themselves.
Full site can be found at the static website below:
MMB Site

The Problem:

Our team consisting of two marketers, a web developer, and two web designers partnered with Vizalytics Technology during our time at the Startup Institute. While the scope of this project changed numerous times over the course of the 6-weeks, our team was given the task to write copy and overhaul their site advertising their mobile app "Mind My Business." This app would give small business owners real-time information about changes/alerts that could affect the prosperity of their stores.

The Solution:

After researching the target audience, we began to map out the app features that would interest prospective users while providing a call to action. One of our main objectives was to provide a value proposition that would lead owners across NYC to use their product. We designed a website that was simple, yet informative and provided information and screenshots to show app usability.


This website provided at the static link was coded by our design team in two days time due to scope changes. Despite difficulty in communication with the company points of contact, the website was fully functional and presented to their board for review. Our suggestions and layout were taken by the team and used to re-design their new site, which can be viewed at this link.

Initial Whiteboarding Shots:

Wireframe Screenshots: