Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.


I joined Diligent in May of 2018, and since day one, I was thrust into a new area of SaaS specifically geared towards the security and modernization of Board Governance software. Because of the breadth of brands that have been both organically made and acquired and the amount of events we frequent, the amount of material that needs designing is never-ending!


As mentioned above, the amount of collateral needed for our different suites of products at Diligent are necessary for keeping our potential clients interested. A huge part of that is also being thought leaders in the space - and that's where my help in designing longer-form white papers and e-books comes into play.
Below are only a few of the whitepapers that I've most recently designed for two different branches of our thought leadership. One was designed in partnership with Next Gen Board Leaders, and as such, it was necessary to incorporate a few different brand identities into one cohesive document.
The other report was truly a labor of love, and is the most recent whitepaper that I've had to design with Diligent - as well as the longest! In an effort to stay ahead of the curve in the space, Diligent launched a research branch called the Diligent Institute, which provides insightful interviews and research on a public and global scale. (I also designed this site but that's for another time!) This sustainability report was a process that spanned months, from the initial research and writing by our researcher, to the templating and design work that went through various iterations before arriving here.

The Results:

These two whitepapers have been published for global consumption, and I couldn't be more proud of the amount of positive feedback given for my layout design and the formulating of these two distinct identities portrayed below. With the hopes of designing more whitepapres like these in the future, it's safe to say I've made a lasting mark on this company in under a year and hope to continue generating impact and excitement around the collateral I ship.

Next Gen Board Leaders Whitepaper Design:

Diligent Institute Environmental Sustainability Report: