Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.


I joined Diligent in May of 2018, and since day one, I was thrust into a new area of SaaS specifically geared towards the security and modernization of Board Governance software. Because of the breadth of brands that have been both organically made and acquired and the amount of events we frequent, the amount of material that needs designing is never-ending!


Being the only marketing designer at Diligent means the breadth of collateral I've tackled in under a year has been astronomical, and as we acquire more brand and products for our governance arsenal, that amount of collateral shows no signs of slowing down!
The below PDF contains a smattering of various designs I've done in each corner of the marketing/brand design sphere. I've included a range of collateral including both internal and external design pushes.
Some of these designs have been firsts for me that I'm incredibly proud of - notably, a book cover design that I've done for our up and coming first book published by our CEO and brand evangelist, various designs for sites such as the Diligent Institute which I've mentioned in my other Diligent design project, as well as an infographic made for that same sustainability report. That PDF contains everything from desk drops, to swag made for this year's International Women's day, print collateral for events, and examples of templated collateral I've established as a cornerstone for our brand identity while here.

The Results:

This PDF is only the surface of work that I've done while at Diligent. In the hopes of expanding our design team to be an in-house force to be reckoned with, I've worked tirelessly to set the standard for all collateral that gets shipped with the Diligent name attached to it. These efforts have been internal (re-organizing our source file management system) and external (templatizing all product and downloadable collateral with new branding elements), and shows no signs of stopping as we work to integrate 12 brands together under the Diligent umbrella. I look forward to adding more samples to this page in the near future!

Diligent Web and Print Collateral Showcase: