Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.

"Creative Application: Venmo"

An application/hi-fidelity mockup I created in one day to apply to the startup Venmo. Software used: Photoshop CS6, Marvel prototyping software, and a fair amount of patience.
The mockup is completely interactive:
Feel free to click through as if it were an actual app!


Asides from being an application for a position at Venmo, this application was a huge practice piece for me and got me interested in the world of hi-fidelity mockups and prototyping software. This piece combined my knowledge of Photoshop and manipulating screenshots, while learning new software (Marvel) in real-time in order to put it all together.

This process from ideation to execution and publishing took an entire work day in-between classes to complete; including the process of finding font, writing content, and editing each individual screen from the Venmo mobile app in Photoshop to reflect my content while staying true to the Venmo look and feel.

The Results:

While I didn't get the job, this piece was crucial to my UX training and served as a taste of what rapid prototyping is like. I know now that I can work at a fast pace while using this software in order to get a mockup done, while still paying attention to detail. The feedback from my peers and the SINY staff also served for some user testing, in which they gave me advice on how to better link my pages together for an overall better user experience. This piece also encouraged me to research and map out my own application, which I hope to use this prototyping software again to create a similar mockup in the near future.