Natalie B. Lazo:

Artist, Web Designer, Fire Personified.


Since my time as a web design student at Startup Institute, I've always held the company Button to high esteem. I had the opportunity to have Patrick Lewis as my mentor while there, who is the head designer at Button and offered me the chance to show what I've learned two years later!


While most of the information for the challenge can be found in the PDF below, the task for this challenge was simple: design out two or more elements for a hypothetical event that would be produced by Button, in partnership with the company Ibotta.

The Results:

This challenge was truly a chance to test my design chops as a designer who has worked very closely with marketers for the past few years. Using a conversion-oriented, full-funnel approach to the problem of gaining traction for this imaginary event, I was able to develop a three-stage approach to gaining user traffic, encouraging conversions, and then retaining said users to ultimately attend the event. The PDF shows more elaboration into my thought process from wireframing to a higher-fidelity mockup of what these deliverables could look like.